About is designed to deliver clear and easy to understand information about future, current and historical Esports events, information about professional players, pro teams and then we collectivise all that information and sort them into countries.

We get all our information from publicly available resources like,, Team Liquid ( and The British Esports Association.

Our goal is to help grow Esports by spreading awareness of who and what is involved in the rapidly growing sport.

How is our data compiled?

PGS compiles data, which includes numbers, rankings and scores, based on evidence that we have recorded here on PGS. That means we do not publish data without being able to link it to an event, team, player, game or country that is recorded on PGS.

For example, the achievements and financial earnings of a team must be based on events and classifications that are reference-able on PGS.

This means our records need to be up to date and plentiful so as to produce the most reliable information!