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League of Legends

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Classified Events: 545
Points: 46,572,355
Developer(s): Riot Games
Publisher(s): Riot Games
PGS Game Ranking: 2nd
League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

# Event Name Status End Date Location
1. 2017 Season World ChampionshipFinished11/04/2017
2. LLN/2017 Season/Closing PlayoffsFinished08/26/2017Semifinals:Riot Games LAN Studios, Mexico CityFinals:TBA
3. CLS/2017 Season/Closing PlayoffsFinished08/19/2017Round 1 &amp; 2:Riot Games LAS Studio, SantiagoFinals:DirecTV Arena, Bue
4. Circuito de Leyendas Norte/2017 Season/Closing SeasonFinished08/04/2017
5. Circuito de Leyendas Sur/2017 Season/Closing SeasonFinished07/25/2017
6. Latin America 2017/LAS/Go4LoL/JuneFinished07/07/2017
7. Latin America 2017/LAS/Go4LoL/MayFinished06/07/2017
8. 2017 Mid-Season InvitationalFinished05/21/2017Play-In Stage:Riot Games Brazil Studio São PauloGroup &amp; Knockout St
9. ESL Major LAS/2017 Season/Closing SeasonFinished05/07/2017
10. ESL Meisterschaft/2017 Season/SpringFinished05/07/2017Gebläsehallenkomplex, Landschaftspark NordEmscherstraße 7147137 Duisburg
11. Latin America 2017/LAS/Go4LoL/AprilFinished05/05/2017
12. ESL Mistrzostwa Polski/2017 Season/SpringFinished04/30/2017
13. Tencent Games Arena Hero of Cities/Season 12Finished04/23/2017
14. Challengers Korea/2017 Season/Spring PlayoffsFinished04/21/2017
15. LPL/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished04/16/2017
16. GPL/2017 Season/SpringFinished04/16/2017
17. LLN/2017 Season/Opening PlayoffsFinished04/15/2017Semifinals:Riot Games LAN Studios, Mexico CityFinals:Auditorio Pabellón
18. LMS/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished04/09/2017
19. LCL/2017 Season/Spring PlayoffsFinished04/09/2017
20. LSPL/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished04/08/2017
21. CBLOL/2017 Season/Summer PlayoffsFinished04/08/2017
22. CLS/2017 Season/Opening PlayoffsFinished04/08/2017Round 1 &amp; 2:Riot Games LAS Studio, SantiagoFinals:Teatro del Lago, F
23. Latin America 2017/LAS/Go4LoL/MarchFinished04/07/2017
24. OPL/2017 Season/Split 1Finished04/02/2017
25. LCK/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished04/02/2017
26. League Championship Series/Europe/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished04/02/2017
27. LJL/2017 Season/Spring PlayoffsFinished04/01/2017
28. League Championship Series/North America/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished03/26/2017
29. Circuito de Leyendas Norte/2017 Season/Opening SeasonFinished03/23/2017
30. LJL Challenger Series/2017 Season/Spring SeasonFinished03/16/2017