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Team Photo
Country: Europe
Players: 5
Approx. Earnings: $2,600 USD +
Classified Events: 1
Victories: 1
Podiums: 1
Points: 4,995
PGS Team Ranking: 853rd

Current team members
Player Name Full Name Country Approx. Earnings Points
GranPktANTONIO NúñEZ SORRIBAS Francisco Spain$22,900 USD16,060
ZarmonyMIKEC Matic Slovenia$43,200 USD10,610
ShadGONZáLEZ Daniel Spain$15,000 USD6,195
MopsioSZCZYPA Maksym Poland$4,200 USD3,310
POILKFLENNMARK Vilhelm Sweden$600 USD495
Former team members
Player Name Full Name Country Team Time Frame
AtheroangelHARPER Lawrence United Kingdom Team expert2017-01-15 - 2017-03-31
Professional achievements
Date Result Event Game Points
05/28/2017 1st 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase... Heroes +4995
Games in competition
# Name Events
1 Heroes of the Storm1